PrecisionBrew® Coffee Brewers

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Not a refinement. A revolution.

Meet the next generation of Shuttle® coffee brewers. Evolved, modern design, innovative new features, advanced touchscreen digital interface, and the latest sensor technology provide simplified and streamlined brewing, and delicious Golden Cup Standard coffee. 8 different models available to accommodate any beverage program.

Digita Touchscreen

Touchscreen Digital Interface

All PrecisionBrew brewers are equipped with advanced digital user interfaces – large 7” color touchscreen displays that offer straightforward, easy-to-understand, icon-driven menus for brewing and operation. The touchscreen stores your customizable coffee taste profiles, provides brewing options, and offers a convenient brew countdown timer, giving you a simple, visual indication of the time remaining on a brew cycle. PrecisionBrew brewers also make you aware of any self-diagnostic alerts, eliminating the need for troubleshooting and unnecessary service calls, and keeping the whole process smooth and easy.

Golden Cup Standard

PrecisionBrew coffee brewers will always exceed your expectations for superior coffee, meeting the Golden Cup Standard for the highest quality brew, as defined by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), the globally recognized coffee organization.

Morning Coffee
Brew Volume

Brew Volume Options

With PrecisionBrew, you can brew only the amount you need for that time of day. Variable brew volumes let you be prepared for a busy morning rush and eliminate spoilage during slower sales periods. Having the coffee ready when you need it leads to less operator stress during peak times and increased customer satisfaction, due to faster service. And, by choosing a twin model, you can brew two different coffee profiles side-by-side. Quickly alter your coffee options when the demand shifts, reducing waste and saving money.

Programmable Control, Easy USB Updates

Save travel and management time , while ensuring consistency! Every PrecisionBrew model has customizable programming that gives you full control over the brew parameters, including pre-infusion, pulse brew, and bypass. And, these updates can be made via USB. This eliminates the need to manually key in changes to every machine at every location, and requires less time in travel and supervision to manage a fleet of machines. It also ensures a consistent process of brewing, and a consistent taste profile from store-to-store.

Easy USB Updates


The Encapsulair Shuttle, found in the top-line PrecisionBrew Air model, is a breakthrough advancement in maintaining coffee stability, using the insulating power of air to surround your brewed coffee and preserve its taste. Encapsulair shuttles circulate hot air between internal chambers to evenly maintains coffee temperature without allowing it to burn. This convection heating system keeps the brew fresh for longer, giving you satisfied customers while reducing the waste of pouring out decanters of stale coffee.


Java-tate In-shuttle Technology gently stirs your coffee to keep it perfectly blended and ensure a uniform flavor profile from the first cup to the very last. The stability of temperature and blend extends the peak taste profile of your brewed coffee. This allows you to always serve your customers a consistent cup of quality coffee with minimal investment of staff time and minimal spoilage. Only available in Encapsulair shuttles.